10 Popular Ecommerce Sites to Inspire You

Popular Ecommerce Sites

Are you searching for inspiration for an ecommerce site that you would like to set up? Do you have products to sell but just don’t know how to present and sell them online? If you do then you came to the right place. Ecommerce sites are perfect ways to showcase your products as well as your services. But of course you need to choose your site design wisely.

A smart and well-designed site will attract customers and make them come back for more. And no matter what product or service you are selling you can bet that a creative and efficient ecommerce site design will make your products stand out from the rest. Check out how popular sites have successfully attracted their target market with their ingenious ecommerce design

Ecommerce sites need their products to stand out and this is what Leo et Violette has managed to do. The site offers a straightforward way of displaying their leather mobile gadget accessories. The buy now buttons or checkout buttons are hidden and will only appear when the customer decides to choose a particular product. You will only find a clean site where you can appreciate the company’s products. 

All the products of Norwegian Rain are cleverly arranged with a front and back view which is highly recommended when you are selling wardrobe, accessories and other articles of clothing. Information about each product is available once selected along with important information about your order. And an add to cart button is clearly visible once you have chosen a product. This is very important to remind customers that they can make a purchase right away. 

Just by the name Best Made, a customer could have an idea that very product that is well made is sold by the company. Products are presented in large images against a minimalistic site design with the user scrolling down the page to view each item. Presenting products this way improves the way customers view what is on sale compared to navigating from one page to the other just to view another product.  

Presentation captures a product’s selling point and Lives and Levels certainly presents its products well to consumers. Action-packed shots, dramatic images and colourful pictures are perfect in attracting more customers and of course more customers equals more sales. 

Eye-capturing images and happy positive models certainly make even the simplest products stand out. Ecommerce sites like Tessemae’s banks on these positive images as well as creative design and eye-popping colors. All these make Tessemae’s products sell even when these are merely basic condiments. 

Deny Designs has a wide selection of products made by hundreds of artists and therefore an artistic –theme is fitting for this ecommerce site. Like stepping inside a gallery with all the flashing colors and different psychedelic themes, Deny Designs keep their target market interested and coming back for more. What better way to showcase works of art than to present them AS art!

Presenting your products in a whole new angle makes it more interesting and this is what JM & Sons did for their wooden furniture. The company has an ultra-minimalistic design that features nothing but the product; there are no buttons to clutter consumer’s experience but if the customer wants more information about a particular product, clicking on the SHOP on top will lead to the company’s product catalog. 

Offering something out of the ordinary is what Drop Dead has done to their ecommerce site. Products are presented in a fun yet adorable manner and are efficiently grouped as guys and girls products. Colorful, fun, out of the ordinary and daring having a site that is unlike other sites makes products of Drop Dead a sell-out 

Ecommerce sites like AU Lit Fine Linens knows exactly what their customers are looking for. Their site is designed with soft and feathery views along with products that are presented just like they are supposed to look like in an actual bedroom. Enticing the customer’s imagination has been successfully utilized by this site which may be very hard to do when you are selling other products. But this site will surely be an ecommerce website design inspiration to website owners that are also selling similar items. 

Leif Shop products are cleverly presented in a splash of colors against a minimalistic site. The white background is an ingenious way to let visitors focus more on the products and not on other distracting elements of the site. Distraction is again removed from the page which is proven to help customers check out products more. And of course, the careful selection of colors have made products stand out. 

Written by Bob Kruse

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