Write For Us

At Cart Craze, we’re always happy to receive guest posts, however, they must attain a certain quality level. Please review this list of rules before sending in your post or post ideas.

  1. Your post must be useful for our audience, which is generally comprised of eCommerce website designers and service providers. Without an obvious connection and usefulness to this particular audience, your post will not be accepted.
  2. Content must be 100% unique. Post author must own transferrable rights to use any images included in the post (or use public domain photos). We do not accept posts under 1000 words (ideally 1200+).
  3. Must include at least one primary featured image at minimum dimensions of 1024x768px
  4. Linking out to similar articles and related sites is permitted as long as they’re very relevant and high-quality.
  5. Along with the post, suggest 2-3 different headlines.
  6. We try to give back as much exposure to our guest authors as possible. Post authorship is noted at the beginning and at the end of every guest post, 1-2 bio links are accepted.
  7. Also include an author Bio, Photo and twitter link or G+ link.

Once you make sure that your post is error-free, structured, and well-formatted, send it into cartcraze@cartcraze.com for an editorial review.