eCommerce Websites built with Volusion

What is Volusion?

Volusion is a fully hosted e-Commerce platform that handles all facets of a digital store. From the website to the shopping cart and all the technology in between, Volusion takes care of everything technical and leave the selling to the business.

How Does Volusion Work?

Volusion works by allowing customers to create an online store, then handling hosting and all other tasks. Users choose a package based on budget, features, and product needs, and Volution takes care of the rest. A wide variety of free and premium templates give users all the options they might want.


Volusion pricing comes in 4 different price tiers, offering a variety of different features and tools.

All Volusion tiers come with unlimited file storage, mobile commerce, response templates, a mobile app, a facebook store, and automatic tax rates. Beyond these basic features, customers must upgrade to higher tiers. Online support comes standard with every package.


The cheapest tier of Volusion is Mini, which costs $15 per month. Volusion Mini allows customers 100 products, 1 GB of bandwidth, and all the basic features mentioned above.


The next tier of Volusion is Plus, costing users $35 per month. Volusion Plus increases product limit to 1,000 and pushes bandwidth up to 3 GB. In addition to the store increase, Volusion Plus customers have access to online and phone support.

Volusion Plus introduces product ratings and reviews, a newsletter, abandoned cart reports, and a data import/export function.


Volusion’s most popular tier is Pro, a package that costs $75 per month. Volusion Pro gives customers an increase to 10,000 products and 10 GB of bandwidth. Customers of Volusion Pro also take priority in the support queue.

Volusion Pro gives customers Ebay and Amazon integration, phone orders, API access, and a deal of the day feature.


The most feature rich and expensive tier from Volusion is Premium, which runs $135 per month. Volusion Premium removes the product limit, allowing customers to sell as many products as they wish. Furthermore, the Premium tier pushes the bandwidth up to 35 GB. In addition to the support priority given to Pro customers, Premium businesses are set up with a dedicated account manager.

Volusion Premium has all the same additional features as Volusion Pro.

Why Use Volusion?

So how can you determine if Volusion is right for your business? What tier works best for you?

At cutthroat prices, any tier of Volusion is best for businesses looking to meet a strict budget. Volusion is one of the cheapest e-Commerce solutions available and gives many basic features and tools at much lower prices than competitors like Shopify and BigCommerce. A small business that only cares about getting an online presence for as little money as possible should go with Volusion Mini.

Businesses that care more about getting extra features, or those that may need to sell up to 1,000 products are better advised to go with Volusion Plus. The Plus tier has a respectable list of features but costs about the same or less than the lowest tier of most competitors.

As with most customers, Volusion Pro is likely to be the best fit for many businesses. The 10,000 product limit is more than most companies will ever need, and 10 GB of bandwidth gives the site ample speed to keep up with high demand. This tier also gives users access to every feature that Volusion offers.

Volusion Premium is the best fit for businesses that have high volume, but may not see the need to spend large sums of money on an e-Commerce solution. It has unlimited products, plenty of bandwidth, respectable features, and comes in at the perfectly reasonable price of $135 per month. The most likely business for this tier would be previous Volusion customers who have outgrown their current package.

Who Uses Volusion

Many big-name companies use Volusion for their e-Commerce needs, such as

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