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What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-Commerce solution that handles all facets of e-Commerce in a single, complete package. Users build and design a web site, manage products and inventory, and sell to customers, all from the same software.

How does BigCommerce Work?

To use BigCommerce, a business begins by creating a web site. Users can choose from a selection of free and paid web site themes, depending on what they want from their digital store. After the user creates a web site, BigCommerce handles hosting and upkeep. Users promote and sell their products, while BigCommerce takes care of everything else.

The biggest competition for BigCommerce is Shopify. Both e-Commerce solutions market themselves as all-in-one packages that handle every part of a company’s online store.

Pricing Plans

BigCommerce is sold in 4 distinct tiers, with a variety of price points and features. All tiers have unlimited staff accounts, products, file storage, and bandwidth. Plus, all tiers have no transaction fees. Each tier offers a selection of leading payment gateways, and special credit card rates that decrease with every higher tier.


The BigCommerce Standard package is a low $29.95 per month. This allows a business to create and run a full-featured online store. This tier allows some of the most popular sales channels such as a branded online store, as well as Facebook and Pinterest pages. It does not cover Google Trusted Stores.

Standard also has a wide variety of features, such as a responsive website with a single-page checkout. It supports coupons, discounts, and gift cards. On the back end, Standard gives users access to shipping label discounts and professional reporting tools. To keep customers in the know, this tier also gives businesses a blog space.


Above Standard is the BigCommerce Plus package, which costs $79.95 per month.. The Plus tier has every feature of Standard, plus extras such as an abandoned cart saver and customer groups. Additionally, the Plus package increases the annual online sale limit from $50k to $125k.


BigCommerce Pro is the highest standardized package offered by BigCommerce, a service that costs $199.95 per month. This package is a large step up from the Plus package, introducing support for Google Trusted Stores in the sales channels. Also, Pro ramps up security by offering site-wide HTTPS and fraud monitoring. For even larger customers, BigCommerce Pro increases the annual sale limit to $1m.


The highest tier offered by BigCommerce is the Enterprise package. This package does not have a standard price, it sets pricing schedules individually to each customer. Enterprise is the top of the line, with features such as custom facets for product filtering, unlimited API calls, and access to the ShipperHQ shipping rate tool.

Enterprise has no annual sale limit, as opposed to the $1m limit for Pro customers. In addition to the 24/7 live agent support of the previous 3 tiers, Enterprise gives customers access to premium account services, express routing, and a variety of other support improvements.

Who Owns BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce product is owned and operated by the BigCommerce company, founded in 2009. This company is centralized in Austin, Texas.

Why Use BigCommerce?

What determines if BigCommerce is the best e-Commerce solution for your business?

Small businesses or those who are new to online shopping should start with the BigCommerce Standard tier. This package is the cheapest option available, while still offering a comprehensive list of features and options.

If a business regularly sells over $50k of merchandise or has enough regular customers to benefit from customer groups, Plus is the best tier to go with. The increased annual sale limit will likely offset the extra cost per month in most cases.

Larger businesses with sales over $125k per year are best suited for the BigCommerce Pro tier. At an annual sale limit of $1m and security features that minimize the risk of malicious attacks, a business can maximize sales and protection.

The best candidates for Enterprise are businesses that expect sales over $1m per year. These companies often require the best possible support, which is limited to the Enterprise package. Since BigCommerce tailors the monthly cost of this service to each business, a company can rest assured that they will pay a fair and appropriate price for the service.

What Companies Use BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a popular e-Commerce solution for a number of large companies. Some of those include

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