Link Removal

We're sorry to hear that you want to remove your websire from our ecommerce gallery. Cart Craze is a prestigious ecommerce design gallery showcasing the best ecommerce designs and every site is hand selected. While you're probably visiting this page because you're scared that our link to your site has a negative effect to your SEO due to Google's Penguin update, I can assure you that Cart Craze is not a "Spam" or "Low Quality" Link Directory by which the Penguin update is targeting and your website is not listed as a result of any SEO Linking scheme. We take numerous hours each month researching the best designed ecommerce websites before adding them to Cart Craze. 

If you would still like to have your site removed please complete the form below, however I would like to encourage you not to because our link is not hurting your SEO - it is helping the web design community at large by adding to this valuable ecommerce resource. Note that you can also use Google's Disavow tool to remove harmful sites from linking to your website.

We will charge $50 to remove your link. Why payment? Because we need to pay our web designer to remove your link, also we need to verify you truly have the authority to request the link removal (We suspect only the true owner would pay to have it removed.).